Unilever Project Sunlight Video – “One Extra Row”

Unilever – “One Extra Row” from olley1980 on Vimeo.


Unilever Project Sunlight Video – “One Extra Row”

I created this video as an entry to the Unilever Project Sunlight video contest. Unilever crowd sourced the Internet through Zooppa.com and asked that we create a 90 second spot to help people think how children are positively impacting the world around us. This video titled, “One Extra Row,” shows 8-year-old “Alex” as she plants, waters and harvests one row of vegetables in her family’s Joe Williams Authentic Jersey garden. She donates the produce that she was in charge of to families in her community that need it more than she does. Below you can read the actual brief that Unilever provided:

Your mission

Create a compelling video (up to 90 seconds) or a series of 3 prints that inspires our society, especially parents, to create a brighter future for our children.

Why? Because if you think about it, a brighter future for humanity means happier, healthier kids, both today and tomorrow. It means a future where every child reaches their 5th birthday. Where every girl grows up confident in a more equal world. Where no child goes to bed hungry and everybody has the means and motivation to eat healthily.

Your work will be eye opening, will make people think about how to positively impact Joe Williams Womens Jersey our world now for future generations, it will inspire them to take action Joe Williams Youth Jersey and get engaged in Project Sunlight programs.

The tone of the video should be conveyed as playful, uplifting and optimistic way without Joe Williams Kids Jersey veering into worthy/serious/depressing.

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