Staples Commercial – Do the Shopping Cart

STAPLES – Do The Shopping Cart Commercial from olley1980 on Vimeo.

This Staples commercial was selected by Staples out of 120 entries. It has been running on mostly ABC programming to prep viewers for back to school sales. Although, I did have a funny experience while on a work trip in Oregon. I was sitting in the hotel lobby eating my breakfast and watching Sports Center on ESPN. The TV program went to commercial and I here the music. I look up on the big screen to see me doing the “Shopping Cart” dance on the TV. I was laughing as I ate my french toast. Nobody around me knew but I knew and was a little proud admittedly.

I heard about a contest to create a dance to the “Do The Shopping Cart” music that Staples Joe Montana Jersey provides. I called a couple of my friends and their children and we created the, “Stay-At-Home-Daddies” version of the Shopping Cart Dance. I didn’t even know Staples had selected my entry as a winner until I got some calls and texts during The Bachelorette, Men Tell All episode. I had friends Joe Montana Authentic Jersey from around the country asking if I was on a commercial because they just Joe Montana Womens Jersey saw me during The Bachelorette commercial break. Enjoy the commercial and thank you Staples for selecting my spot!

Staples went to and crowd sourced creatives for their entries and ideas. You can read the actual brief provided by Staples:

Your mission

We want you!So use your talent to film (or video) people doing the dance. We are specifically looking for a range of dancers. Any one can do it! So we want teens, parents, kids, teams and teachers doing The Shopping Cart Dance. We want to see them in parking lots, classrooms, in their homes, on a computer, on a sport field, on the street or even in the parking lot of a Staples store. We are looking for one person as well as multiple people and teams doing the dance. Have them add their own style to the dance and show their excitement while doing it! It doesn’t have to look professional but it has to look real–not too slick or overproduced. So feel free to use your smartphone or tablet. It should be humorous and showcase their personalities. You can even include an animal, or a baby, Joe Montana Youth Jersey or a grandmother, and have them do it as well.

If you want, you can also show people what “The Shopping Cart Dance” is about, see examples listed in “Resources.”


  • All dances have to be done to the song “The Shopping Cart Dance Song” by DBoyz. (see “Materials” tab)
  • Do not use a real shopping cart in the dance.  We are looking for The Shopping Cart Dance that simulates shopping just like the video examples.
  • Do all of the moves of the shopping cart dance, including a side profile pushing the imaginary cart.
  • Length: 10 to 60 seconds
  • No brand/logos from any other brands should appear anywhere on screen
  • No obscene, non-family-friendly gestures, dances, images, background, etc.
  • This campaign is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Additional information

Be Joe Montana Kids Jersey creative. We are looking for a wide variety of people and groups. If you want, try to synchronize the movements of multiple people doing the dance. Try some sitting, or standing on their heads. Whatever is amusing, but make sure it’s clear that they are doing The Shopping Cart Dance.Submit everything you try—because sometimes the bloopers are just as funny!

There is a possibility that your video will be shown online or in a broadcast commercial.

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