Mike’s Harder Lemonade – Jamaican Lemonade

These are two can designs I did for a Mike’s Harder Lemonade can design contest. The company asked designers to submit designs for their new flavor, Jamaican Lemonade. Through Zooppa.com, designers found out the requirements and expectations for the can. Designers follow the instructions below and hope for the best. At this time I don’t know what the results are, but here’s hoping.

Instructions and requirements for designers:

Your mission

Create jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, thirst-inducing can artwork inspired by the new mike’s HARDER seasonal flavor JAMAICAN LEMONADE, using Tom Rathman Jersey your Tom Rathman Authentic Jersey computer, finger paint, mom’s Pomeranian—or whatever other tools you’ve got lying around.You can submit a single piece of artwork, several can designs or even make it a ?quad-logy, if you’re into that kind of thing.If chosen, your artwork will be emblazoned on 1 of 4 limited edition cans and distributed throughout the Tom Rathman Womens Jersey U.S. next fall.Oh, and you’ll split the $30,000 prize with the other winners.


Being different is awesome! Designs should be original with no stock photography/vector art.

Have fun. mike’s HARDER is all about it, so don’t go all straight-faced Mona Lisa on us. Just be clever about it!

Tom Rathman Youth Jersey src=”http://www.sethollerton.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/LEMON_DRIP_CAN-e1422740211303.png” alt=”Mike’s Harder Lemonade” width=”362″ Tom Rathman Kids Jersey height=”600″ />

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