Lindsay Olives Commercial

Lindsay Olives Commercial from olley1980 on Vimeo.

Lindsay Olives Commercial. Joe Staley Jersey This prominent olive company from California, asked creatives to come up with a 30-60 second spot highlighting the company mantra of, “For Those Who Enjoy Fun & Flavor.” Lindsay wanted a fun spot that showed people consuming their olives in a different way. The kid eating olives off his/her fingers has been done over and over so Lindsay asked that we show something new. Check out the video and enjoy!

Lindsay Olives went to and crowd sourced creatives for their ideas and commercial submissions. Here is the actual brief that Lindsay provided:

Your mission

As a fourth generation, family owned and operated company located in Northern California and supplied by over 700 growers in the state, “Fun & Flavor” is our mantra – so what does this mean to you?We are looking for creative and humorous 30-second or 15-second videos about our California Black Ripe Olives – videos that will entertain our target audience. Olive lovers include busy moms and dads, of course, but also Millenials, Gen-Xers, Boomers…pretty much anyone in the US who likes to entertain friends and family with delicious food.The setting is up to you. Want to show a family sitting around the table for dinner, or a mom in the kitchen? Sure. How about a trendy dinner party hosted by a hipster couple? A backyard barbeque that turns into a food fight? Fine. Fine. Want to push the comedy envelope and show a cougar out on the town? Push the production envelope with a period piece? Let’s see what you can do!


  • Be sure to show the red can. Depending on the store you visit, you may find glass Joe Staley Authentic Jersey jars of various Lindsay products such as green olives, Joe Staley Womens Jersey sliced jalapenos, cocktail onions, etc. It is OK to include these in your video, but Joe Staley Youth Jersey the primary hero product Joe Staley Kids Jersey should be California Ripe Pitted olives (black olives in the red can).
  • Whatever your storyline, make sure you have at least one consumption shot (black olive or food made with black olives going into someone’s mouth).
  • Search the internet and you will find many photographs of kids with olives on their fingertips. It’s fun and cute – but it’s been done before. If you go in this direction, strive to be original.
  • Thinking of doing an “olive rap” with a rapper and funny lyrics? That’s also been done before. If you go in this direction, strive to be original.
  • Keep in mind that Lindsay Olives are grown in California. You do not need to include the word “California”, in your script, but if your implied setting could be confusing to the viewer (example: the Greek Isles), be sure to say “California Black Ripe Olives.”
  • All videos must begin with the 1-second Lindsay opening tag, and end with the 3-second Lindsay end tag. These will be posted in the MATERIALS section for you to download. Your total video run time should be 30 seconds or 15 seconds (including the opening and end tags). You can extend the opening tag if you’d like to “fill in more time,” however you should not shorten it. All videos must have at least the 1-second starting tag. The same applies for the end tag. You can slow it down if you need to “fill in” some space, but it should at least be a minimum of 3 seconds.
  • Dialogue, voiceover (if any) and on-screen graphics (if any) must be in English. Do not use any non-American dialects or accents (i.e. British, Australian, non-native speaker, etc.). Loop/dub your actor(s) if necessary. Make sure you pronounce our name correctly – it sounds like LINDZEE.
  • Be creative and it’s ok to push the boundaries, but make sure your video could still air on daytime television. No vulgarity, nudity, violence or competitive brands. Don’t show other logos (on t-shirts, background, etc.).
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