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Seattle Seahawks Stickers

One of my freelance clients, HomeStreet Bank, out of Trent Brown Jersey Seattle asked me to create some Seattle Seahawk Trent Brown Authentic Jersey stickers. The bank wanted something to pass out during the Super Bowl 2015. These Trent Brown Womens Jersey are six designs I came up with using the Trent Brown Youth Jersey Seahawk and HomeStreet brands.

Trent Brown Kids Jersey src=”” alt=”Seattle Seahawks HomeStreet Bank Stickers” width=”773″ height=”1000″ />

Mike’s Harder Lemonade – Jamaican Lemonade

These are two can designs I did for a Mike’s Harder Lemonade can design contest. The company asked designers to submit designs for their new flavor, Jamaican Lemonade. Through, designers found out the requirements and expectations for the can. Designers follow the instructions below and hope for the best. At this time I don’t know what the results are, but here’s hoping.

Instructions and requirements for designers:

Your mission

Create jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, thirst-inducing can artwork inspired by the new mike’s HARDER seasonal flavor JAMAICAN LEMONADE, using Tom Rathman Jersey your Tom Rathman Authentic Jersey computer, finger paint, mom’s Pomeranian—or whatever other tools you’ve got lying around.You can submit a single piece of artwork, several can designs or even make it a ?quad-logy, if you’re into that kind of thing.If chosen, your artwork will be emblazoned on 1 of 4 limited edition cans and distributed throughout the Tom Rathman Womens Jersey U.S. next fall.Oh, and you’ll split the $30,000 prize with the other winners.


Being different is awesome! Designs should be original with no stock photography/vector art.

Have fun. mike’s HARDER is all about it, so don’t go all straight-faced Mona Lisa on us. Just be clever about it!

Tom Rathman Youth Jersey src=”” alt=”Mike’s Harder Lemonade” width=”362″ Tom Rathman Kids Jersey height=”600″ />

Mike’s Harder Lemonade – Lion

Terrell Owens Jersey class=” size-full wp-image-519 alignleft” Terrell Owens Authentic Jersey src=”” alt=”Mike’s Harder Lemonade” width=”361″ Terrell Owens Womens Jersey height=”600″ Terrell Owens Youth Jersey /> Terrell Owens Kids Jersey

Unilever – Beat the Odds.

I designed these three prints as a series for a Unilever, “Beat the Odds” design contest. On designers could access the requirements and rules for this contest. Designers were to show girls  beating the odd and overcoming challenge Steve Young Jersey to achieve their dreams. The prints were set to run in Brazil so they needed to have a brazilian flavor. Unilever posted the contest rules Steve Young Authentic Jersey on for designers to follow. Check them out below.

Your mission

Create a series of 3 prints that can connect, inspire and generate in women that “little spark” to unleash their inner strength. Why? Because we believe that these girls can make a difference. They can make things change in their towns and communities, and we know that small things such as feeling good about themselves can give that positive nudge.The message should be optimistic, uplifting, playful, personal, and empathetic. The visuals should be colorful, vibrant, and full of energy.For this specific campaign, the overarching theme is to BEAT THE ODDS, as sometimes the odds prevent them to go through a Steve Young Womens Jersey desired path or make things appear more difficult than they are, we believe that whatever the odds, they have what it takes to go after their dreams, and we want to make that explicit.
This campaign will begin in Brazil first, so content should have the look/feel of Brazilian flavor and closeness as much as possible.



  • Upload a series of 3 prints per entry (same theme, different insights)
  • Submissions should be digital photographs or graphic designs that are intended for Steve Young Youth Jersey social media channels
  • Original content preferred, but stock imagery allowed with proper licensing.
  • Text can be in either English or Portuguese
  • No logos should be present on your print submissions
  • Provide all proper talent releases upon upload otherwise you may be not eligible to win
  • Visual identity needs to keep consistency: vibrant, colourful, energetic and uplifting. Steve Young Kids Jersey The target audience is 20-something year old girls so this should be reflected in your talent selection.

Go Ahead. Kick Like a Girl.

Unilever – Go Ahead. Run Like a Girl.

Solomon Thomas Jersey class=” size-full wp-image-521 Solomon Thomas Authentic Jersey alignleft” src=”” alt=”Go Ahead. Run Solomon Thomas Womens Jersey Like a Solomon Thomas Youth Jersey Girl.” width=”600″ height=”800″ Solomon Thomas Kids Jersey />

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