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Unilever Little Girl Ad #2

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Mike’s HARDER Lemonade – Design #3



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Mike’s HARDER Lemonade – Design #2


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Mike’s HARDER Lemonade Can Design

Mike’s HARDER Lemonade crowd sourced creatives using They asked designers to come up with a flavor name and can design for their latest flavor, Dragonfruit. They requested the theme be centered around dragons or the flavor. I came up with “Wake the Dragon” using the dragon’s eye and the exotic shape of the dragonfruit. You can read the creative brief here:

Your mission

Who are we talking to? GUYS, 21 to 29 with a passion for new ideas, Logan Paulsen Jersey cool art and craving for awesome beverages with bold flavor and attitude.

Create jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, thirst-inducing can artwork inspired by the Logan Paulsen Authentic Jersey new Logan Paulsen Womens Jersey mike’s® HARDER Spring seasonal flavor – Dragonfruit using your computer, finger paint, mom’s Pomeranian—or whatever other tools you’ve got lying around.

We also encourage you to give your design a name that describes the flavor and brings out the character of your design. Here Logan Paulsen Youth Jersey are some thought starters:

  • mike’s HARDER Bahamut Dragon King
  • mike’s Logan Paulsen Kids Jersey HARDER Dragon Slayer
  • mike’s HARDER Girl with the Dragonfruit Tattoo
  • mike’s HARDER Black Dragon
  • mike’s HARDER Dragon Flight

Wake the Dragon

Unilever Little Girl Print Ads

Here is a series of three print ads that I created showing a young girl that is confident and can achieve any dream, profession or future she puts here mind to. The Unilever company asked creatives to come up with a series of three print advertisements showing a bright future for our children. I wanted to convey the power of women and show young girls that they don’t need to stereotype themselves into a profession or genre based on tradition or history. Instead, young girls should feel empowered and confident in their own futures to be whatever they choose. You can read the creative brief as provided by Unilever below:

Your mission

Create a compelling video (up to 90 seconds) or a series of 3 prints that inspires our Kyle Juszczyk Jersey society, especially parents, to create a brighter future for our children.

Why? Because if you think about it, a brighter future for humanity means happier, healthier kids, both today and tomorrow. It means a future where every child reaches their 5th birthday. Where every girl grows up confident in a more equal world. Where Kyle Juszczyk Authentic Jersey no Kyle Juszczyk Womens Jersey child goes to bed hungry and everybody Kyle Juszczyk Youth Jersey has the means and motivation to eat healthily.

Your work will be eye opening, will make people Kyle Juszczyk Kids Jersey think about how to positively impact our world now for future generations, it will inspire them to take action and get engaged in Project Sunlight programs.

The tone of the video should be conveyed as playful, uplifting and optimistic way without veering into worthy/serious/depressing.


Mia Construction

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