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Unilever – Go Ahead. Hit Like a Girl.

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Kikkoman Jingle Commercial

Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade Jingle and Commercial from olley1980 on Vimeo.

Kikkoman asked creatives to create a jingle and video for their Teriyaki Marinade. Through crowd sourcing on the internet, Kikkoman received about 85 entries for this contest. I don’t know the results yet Roger Craig Jersey but you can see the criteria for the song and music video below. Kikkoman provided the creative brief detailing what they wanted to see and how entries would be judged. I decided to enter this contest because of my love for music and advertising. I called up my good friend Chris, and we came up with the idea to use a modern bluegrass sound. We figured every other entry would be doing some type of rap or pop song, which was true. We took a risk because bluegrass can be either loved or hated.

Roger Craig Authentic Jersey class=”brief-section__title”>Your mission
Create short (up to 60 seconds) music videos with an original song about the delicious, storied Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade. Make it clever, fun, engaging and informative so listeners everywhere will understand why you love Kikkoman and how you use it. Whether it’s a rap, country tune, rock & roll ballad or an indie song, we want to see and hear your Marinade Serenade!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • How do you feel when you take a bite of Kikkoman infused flavor?
  • What kind of dishes do you use Kikkoman on and what are your favorites?
  • Why should others incorporate Kikkoman into their dishes?
Tone, Message, Call to Action:

  • Must adhere to all contest and Roger Craig Womens Jersey Kikkoman guidelines
  • Use the provided end slate for the final 5 seconds of your video at the end
  • Only submit original work, no stock music allowed
  • Provide all proper forms and clearances upon upload
  • Must include the following line in the jingle: Kikkoman Teriyaki Roger Craig Youth Jersey Marinade packs a flavor grenade! No alterations allowed Roger Craig Kids Jersey for the tagline.
Additional information
Awards Criteria:

  • 40% Creativity
  • 35% Connection to the brand
  • 25% Originality in use of product tagline

Sunflower Pointillism Painting

Sunflower Pointillism Painting

Back in my college days I was taking art classes thinking I was going to be an industrial designer or animator. I ended up changing my major like 3 times due to fear of making money and supporting a family. Why do I have to think so logically? Anyways, in one of my core art classes we were asked to do a piece experimenting with color. As a kid we used to plant giant sunflowers in the garden that grew upwards of 9 feet Robbie Gould Jersey tall with a flower that measured around 1.5 feet in diameter. I used to tell Robbie Gould Authentic Jersey me Robbie Gould Womens Jersey nephews that these were little-boy-eating-plants. I took a few photos and decided that I was going to paint one of these sunflowers. I used acrylic as the medium and decided that instead of using green for the actual leaves and stem, I would use blue and yellow dots really close together to convey the color of green when you stood back to look at the painting. I mean we all know that blue and yellow mixed together Robbie Gould Youth Jersey make green. I wanted to see if the eye would naturally mix the two colors together from afar. This entire painting was done using dots or a pointillism technique. It took a long time, as you can imagine, but I Robbie Gould Kids Jersey love the way it turned out and I love the way the eye mixes the blue and yellow to make green.



Digital Painting Underwater Bubbles


Digital Painting Underwater Bubbles

The digital painting was influenced while on one of my trips to Maui. While in Maui, I went into an art gallery on Lahaina’s famous Front Street. Reuben Foster Jersey I was blown away by the Reuben Foster Authentic Jersey work of an airbrush artist named, Dennis Mathewson. Check out his work here. I have never really been a fan of Reuben Foster Womens Jersey airbrush art as I typically categorize it with carnival booths and ’90’s hip-hop graffiti painted on some Vanilla Ice overalls. Well this Dennis opened my mind a bit and I wanted to experiment with this technique and style, but I don’t own an airbrush, nor am I willing to invest in a tool that I don’t really see myself using often. That’s when I turned to my Wacom Cintiq pen and tablet, Photoshop and the influence of Dennis. This Reuben Foster Youth Jersey digital painting was done using the same airbrush techniques but instead used digital painting tools and methods. I really like the way this turned out and can’t wait to do more digital painting pieces.



Maple Mountain in the Fall

What! Another painting Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey of Maple Mountain?! You got it. As I have said before, I simply love living in the shadows of this majestic hill. It’s real name is Spanish Fork Peak, but we locals cling to the name, “Maple Mountain” and that’s just how we know it. I was commissioned to paint this Ray-Ray Armstrong Authentic Jersey by a family in Springville, Utah. It is an oil painting that now hangs in the family’s front office. I wanted to give Ray-Ray Armstrong Womens Jersey Maple Mountain a different look so I Ray-Ray Armstrong Youth Jersey decided to paint it during the Fall when all of the aspens are gold and orange. Of course I decided to saturate those colors a bit, giving it a dramatic look.

Ray-Ray Armstrong Kids Jersey alt=”Maple Mountain in the fall. Oil Painting.” width=”800″ height=”595″ /> Maple Mountain in the fall

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